Computer Science

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  • Coding and Computer Science Fundamentals 

    Students entering grades 9-12 
    June 19 30 (2 weeks) 
    8:30 am – 11:30 am 
    This course will serve as a robust introduction to the principles of coding and computer science, either in preparation for further experiences in coding or enrollment in a High School course such as AP Computer Science. The first week of class will consist mainly of exploring computer science fundamentals through the Python programming language. We will then proceed into using packages for more complex projects, including MatPlotLib for mathematical modeling and PyGame for Game Design. The second week will include an introduction to the Java language and its principles in preparation for enrollment in an AP Computer Science course. We will also briefly touch on related topics, like web design, mathematics, and storytelling. This course is best suited for students who would classify themselves as “beginner” or “intermediate” coders.