Speech and Debate Camps

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  • Finding Your Voice...Telling Your Truth!

    Students entering Grades 7 – 8
    July 6 – 17 (two weeks)
    8:30 – 9:40 am

    This camp is great for students who would like to improve their speaking as well as those who would like to explore structures to improve presentation skills. Because every child has something to say, we want to listen and offer support in developing that voice! During the camp, students will create a speech presentation that will embody an argument. Skills include finding an idea that the student is passionate about, defining an argument or position, writing the speech, and learning to present it publicly using vocal tools, facial expression, movement, and gestures.
  • How to Argue and Win!

    Students entering Grades 9 – 11
    July 6-17 (two weeks)
    9:50 am – 12:20 pm

    Students will learn basic components of effective argument, including claim, evidence, explanation, and impact. This process will lead to improved higher-order thinking as students take positions on resolutions and move beyond opinions to develop well-supported and explained arguments. The class will center on a fun structure that employs various forms of debate. For the novice or the expert, the lessons learned here will help students with their school writing or prepare them for participation in debate. Whether developing skills for academic pursuits or debate competitions, this camp will provide practice in utilizing the structure of argument.