Speech and Debate Camps

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  • Introduction to Speech and Debate!

    Students entering grades 7 – 9
    July 6 – 24 (three weeks)
    8:30 – 9:40 am
    This camp is great for students who would like to experience or improve their thinking, skills through research, writing, and speaking. Students will be introduced to specific argument structures and research methods that they will then use to write debate cases and debate each other. In addition to writing and practicing debates, the students will apply their newfound argument skills in a passion speech that they will learn to write and deliver. In this part of the course, they will find ideas that they are passionate about, take a position, then research and shape a speech around one of those ideas. Finally, they will learn to present their passion speech by utilizing deliberate vocal tools, facial expressions, movements, and gestures to punctuate and elevate their words.
  • Competitive Speech and Performance Workshop

    Students entering grades 10 – 12
    July 6-24 (three weeks)
    9:50 am – 12:20 pm
    This course is for students who are interested or involved in competitive speech and interpretation events including Original Oratory, Informational Speaking, Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation, or Program Oral Interpretation. The central goal of this class will be to imagine and compose a speech or a performance piece for competition in the coming speech season. Along the way, the students will explore ideas, build a basis of knowledge on the topics they select, research to find evidence and literature, before finally writing or composing their pieces. Once the writing or composing is complete, they will begin to imagine the presentations for these pieces while exploring and expanding their presentation skills through workshop sessions, individual sessions, and practice so that all of the students leave the course at the end ready to practice and polish their very own speech or interpretation piece.