Hawken Summer Studies is a 6-week summer program of credit, review, preview, and enrichment classes for students entering grades 6 -12. All originally scheduled summer classes will be offered on the same start date as originally planned, but they will be offered in a remote learning format with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous elements. Daily schedules will be communicated by the faculty member. These opportunities will provide the same high level of Hawken educational instruction. The Summer Studies program is open to students from public, parochial, and private schools.
Registration is available online by clicking here.

A $40 registration fee must accompany the registration form. 
Balances are due the Friday before camps start. 
Contact Information
Hawken Summer Studies
Dee Davis, Coordinator
P 440.423.2068
Conditions of Enrollment
Hawken Summer Studies requires that all students subscribe to the following conditions of enrollment. The $40 non-refundable registration fee secures a student’s place in classes until Monday, June 15, when full payment is due. If a student registers and then withdraws from a class before the end of the first week of that class, one-half of tuition will be refunded. No refunds will be made thereafter. Hawken Summer Studies reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is insufficient demand. In order to balance enrollments and ensure reasonably-sized classes, it may be necessary to change a student’s selected class time if there are two sections of a course offered.
A 50% discount will be applied for all Hawken families enrolling in Summer Studies courses. Hawken families receiving Flexible Tuition beyond 50% may receive an additional discount for courses considered essential.

Essential courses include those taken to accelerate curriculum progression, courses taken to remediate academic skills, enrich academic skills, and make room for additional academic courses beyond graduation requirements. Courses taken for the purpose of reducing a schedule load in the fall are not eligible for application of financial aid. Questions about Flexible Tuition can be directed to the Summer Studies office. We are sorry, but we cannot offer discounts to students who attend schools other than Hawken.
Student Evaluations Parents of students will receive their child’s written evaluation during the week following completion of each course. These grades and/or comments will be delivered using email by default. If you need to have the reports printed and sent by regular mail, contact our office. Six-week courses will also provide a mid-term evaluation. Families will receive a form with which to make requests to have evaluations and/or grades forwarded to other schools.
Academic Credit Hawken School academic credit is granted only as specified in individual course descriptions. If a student does not attend Hawken, permission to seek academic credit should be cleared through the administration at the student’s school in advance of taking a course.