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  • Chemistry Honors (Full Credit) – IN-PERSON FORMAT

    Prerequisite: Grade of A- or higher in Physics 9 (or other 9th grade science class if new to Hawken) and departmental approval.
    June 10 – July 19 (6 weeks)
    8:30 am 12:30 pm

    The summer version of Honors Chemistry provides a fast-paced, in-depth and integrated study of introductory concepts that will earn students a full-year science credit. Students are challenged to reason about chemical phenomena from both conceptual and quantitative perspectives. As their fund of chemical knowledge grows through the course, students will be challenged to deal with problems that draw on multiple areas of chemistry. The laboratory component of the course provides students the opportunity to experience chemical phenomena first-hand, apply their problem-solving skills, and extend their knowledge. Some of these labs will be done at home with a kit of safe, household chemicals, some will be online simulations, and some will be based on video captures of lab activities. Successful candidates for this class are intrinsically motivated, self-directed learners who enjoy a challenging, fast-paced approach to science, and will have earned at least an A- in Physics 9 (or another freshman science class if new to Hawken) and at least an A- in Algebra 1. Hawken students must have permission from the Science Department Chair prior to taking this course for academic credit. If there is a question about placement, the student’s 9th grade science teacher will be consulted. Non-Hawken students need to check with their school to determine if the class will be accepted for credit. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be well prepared for the SAT II in chemistry, as well as future AP-level classes in science.